4.0 upgrade is live. Commercio.network can join #IBCGang

4.0 upgrade is live. Commercio.network can join #IBCGang
On 4th of July 2022 at 4039470  block number the Commercio Network chain has been  be upgraded to the new version of software 4.0.0. This upgrade marks  exactly two years of activity since our chain officially lunched the first  2.1 main-net on July 4 2020.

The 4.0 version will allow the Commercio Network blockchain to implement  IBC protocol   as well as align with the latest versions of Cosmos SDK and CosmWasm.

The IBC protocol  is an interoperability protocol for communicating arbitrary data between arbitrary state machines.
The Transport Layer (TAO) provides the infrastructure necessary to establish secure connections between chains and authenticate data packets, while the Application Layer defines exactly how these data packets should be packaged and interpreted by the sending and receiving chains. The IBC application layer can be used to build a wide range of cross-chain applications, like  token transfer, inter-chain accounts (delegate calls between two chains), NFT  token transfer, and oracle data feeds.

Cosmos SDK allows developers to easily spin up application-specific blockchains without having to code each bit of functionality of their application from scratch. Cosmos SDK custom modules can be used by any developer as they build their own application.  We have upgraded to the latest Cosmos SDK Version and we  are now on par with all other chains.

Finally Cosmwasm is an alternative route to native Cosmos SDK custom modules.  CosmWasm is a smart contract platform built for the Cosmos ecosystem. Simply put, it’s the Cosmos (Cosm) way of using WebAssembly (Wasm) This means that we can easily add CosmWasm smart contracting support to our commercio.network  chain, without without  doing an hard fork chain stopping event. CosmWasm will be used to mint Fungibile tokens, Non fungible Tokens and the CommercioDEX  our Automatic Market Making  Local decentralized exchange.