Portfolio of applications developed by members of

1. NamirialSPA – Membership PLATINUM 

Click Wrap Certification Platform

Namirial SPA has developed an innovative Click Wrap certification system using blockchain technology. This system allows companies to securely and verifiably certify legal acceptances of online terms and conditions. Through the use of blockchain, each acceptance of a Click Wrap contract is recorded immutably, thus ensuring the integrity and traceability of the acceptances. This system is particularly useful in legal and e-commerce contexts, where it is critical to have certain proof of users’ acceptance of terms.

2. RiV Academy Srl  Membership BRONZE

App Wallet Blockchain Training

Riv Academy Srl has created a non custodial wallet app called Riv Wallet , published on apple and Google store dedicated to blockchain education. This app provides educational resources, tutorials and courses to help people understand and use blockchain in their professional activities. The goal is to make blockchain technology accessible to a wider audience by removing technical barriers and making it easier to learn this innovative technology. The app introduced the concept of LEARN TO EARN , launching the $EARN token.

3. WeCanConsultingSpa – Membership BRONZE  

App Agente Più To Certify the Qualifications of Agents

WeCanConsultingSpa has developed “Agent Plus,” a blockchain-based platform for certifying agent qualifications. This system allows agencies and companies to securely and transparently verify the qualifications and experience of their agents. Thanks to blockchain, every qualification or professional update is recorded permanently and easily accessible, increasing trust and transparency in the industry.

4. Tradenet Services Srl Membership GOLD

Zotsell App to Certify Agent Orders

Tradenet Services Srl has implemented Zotsell, a blockchain solution for certifying agent orders. This system ensures the authenticity and validity of orders placed by sales agents, reducing the risk of errors or fraud. Zotsell uses blockchain to record each order securely and immutably, providing a reliable source of truth for all parties involved.

5. – Membership GOLD 

Platform for Certifying Employee Communications has developed the eID component of, a platform that uses blockchain to certify business communications with employees. This solution ensures that all communications, such as company directives or policy updates, are recorded and cannot be changed retroactively. This ensures a high level of transparency and accountability within organizations, improving trust between employees and management.

6. Future-Chain –  Membership BRONZE

PPAP Industrial Process Certification App

Future-Chain srl. has developed a certification system for the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) industrial process using blockchain technology. This system allows manufacturing companies to certify and track every step in the production part approval process. Through blockchain, every step and change in the PPAP process is recorded immutably and transparently, improving product quality and compliance, and facilitating audit and review of processes.

7. RIV CAPITAL SCSp –  Membership GOLD

Asset Referenced Token per il mercato MENA

RIV CAPITAL Scsp has created an ART (Asset Referenced Token) targeting the MENA market and d is in the process of obtaining a VARA license in Dubai. This project leverages the blockchain to tokenize assets, making them easily exchangeable and accessible on a KYC-equipped walllet. RIV CAPITAL’s strictly COMPLIANT approach will enable the creation of a more liquid market for digital assets, expanding buying opportunities in the MENA market and offering greater flexibility to buyers of the $RIVCOIN token

8. – Membership BRONZE

App Certificazioni Campagne Crowdfunding

Migliora srl. has implemented a blockchain-based system to certify crowdfunding campaigns. This solution ensures that all information related to crowdfunding campaigns is recorded securely and transparently, increasing investor confidence. The platform also allows tracking the use of funds raised, ensuring that they are used in accordance with promises made to investors.

  1. NextID –  Membership GOLD 

System for the Authorization of Exchange Transactions of a VASP.

NextID has developed an advanced system for authorizing exchange transactions for a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP). This system uses blockchain technology to provide a secure and transparent mechanism for verification and authorization of cryptocurrency transactions. Through this system, NextID ensures that each transaction complies with applicable regulations, reducing fraud risks and improving security for VASP users. The system represents a significant step forward in the digital financial services industry, bringing greater trust and integrity to the cryptocurrency exchange process.

  1. TRN holding – Membership GOLD

App Global Generosity charity management in Moldova

TRN has implemented a charity project in Moldova using blockchain. This project aims to provide transparency and traceability of donations, ensuring that each contribution reaches its intended recipient and is used for the specified purpose. The blockchain in this case serves as a tool to increase donor confidence by providing a clear and verifiable record of the use of funds.

  1. NextID – Membership GOLD 

System for the Certification of Insurance Sureties

NextID has developed a system for the certification of insurance sureties. The blockchain-based platform aims to digitize and simplify the process of issuing and managing surety bonds. Through this system, the validity, authenticity and status of sureties can be verified efficiently and transparently. This significantly reduces time and costs while increasing efficiency for insurance companies.

  1. Loonr – Membership GOLD  

eKYC system with Monetization of one’s Data

Up There srl. has developed an eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) system, which allows users to monetize the transfer of their personal PID data . This system uses blockchain to enable a secure and transparent identity verification process. The Token $LOONR utility offers users the opportunity to receive compensation in exchange for sharing their personal data, a new value model in which PIDs are managed in a fair and win-win manner.

  1. Kings of Mountain Bike  – Membership BONZE 

Utility Token $KING for the MTB Enthusiast Community.

In line with the European Union’s MICA (Markets in Crypto-Assets) regulations, the company has issued €1M utility tokens . These tokens are designed to offer specific services within the community, such as access to exclusive resources, consulting services, or analytical tools. The goal is to provide customers with a secure and convenient payment method within the digital ecosystem, promoting innovation and alternative currencies…

14. EVODEAF  – Membership BONZE

Utility Token $NEVD for people with disabilities  

In line with the European Union’s MICA (Markets in Crypto-Assets) regulations, the company has issued €1M utility tokens . These tokens are designed to provide the hearing and voice impaired with an app that allows them to interpret sign language . The goal is to provide the handicapped with a secure and convenient payment method within the app , promoting innovation and rewards methodologies .

15. ParadigmX – Membership GOLD 

Servitization system of production facilities

ParadigmX has developed a certification system for processes under Industry 4.0 using blockchain. This system aims to certify and monitor the current value of a manufacturing facility provided to the manufacturing company through a lease with the adoption of innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and the future issuance of security tokens. By ensuring the traceability and verification of the machinery’s status, the system allows for real-time enhancement of the value of the plant in a transparent and secure manner to the credit intermediaries who financed the transaction.



16 Arcobaleno – GREEN Membership

ISO 12944 Steel Treatment Certification System

Arcobaleno srl  is developing a certification system for steel treatment according to the ISO 12944 standard, using blockchain. This system provides a reliable and transparent method for verifying compliance of steel treatment processes with international standards. The solution improves the traceability and quality of treatments, reducing the risk of non-compliance and improving customer confidence in finished products.


17 Talamora-Ltd GREEN Membership

IoT Certification System:

Talamora-Ltdsta implementing a certification system for IoT (Internet of Things) devices using blockchain technology. This project aims to ensure the authenticity and security of IoT devices by recording their specifications and software updates in a blockchain ledger. This solution helps prevent counterfeiting and cyber attacks by providing a high level of security and reliability for IoT devices in various industries.


18 2WS – GREEN Membership

Certification System for Consulting Activities At Clients

2WS has developed a blockchain-based system to certify the activities performed by consultants at their clients. This system ensures accurate recording and verification of hours worked, tasks performed, and results achieved by consultants. Blockchain ensures that this information is immutable and transparent, facilitating mutual trust between consultants and clients and improving the management of consulting contracts.


19 – GREEN Membership

Certification System for Original Aircraft Parts. is working on a certification system to ensure the authenticity of aircraft parts. Using blockchain, this system tracks the provenance and history of each part, ensuring that only original parts that meet safety standards are used in aircraft maintenance. This increases flight safety and reduces the risk of accidents due to defective or counterfeit parts.


20 Hestro – GREEN Membership

Certification System for e-Bikes

Hestro is developing a blockchain-based certification system for electric bicycles (e-Bikes). This system certifies the origin, technical specifications, and maintenance history of e-Bikes, ensuring the quality and authenticity of the products. Blockchain offers an effective solution to combat counterfeiting and improve consumer confidence in the growing e-Bikes market.


21 HazelBit – GREEN Membership

Hazelnut Plant Tokenization System in Romania.

HazelBit srl . is implementing a tokenization system for agribusiness , which allows both trees and the peanuts produced by them i to be converted into digital tokens. These tokens can be traded or used to buy 1 kg of peanuts in bulk, incentivizing renewable agricultural policies. Blockchain ensures that plant sales and crop production are traceable and transparent, promoting a green and decentralized economy. HAzelBit Ltd. plans to issue the $HAZELBIT token.


22 Gulliver – BRONZE Membership

System for Certifying Agents’ Orders

Gulliver is developing a blockchain-based system to certify orders placed by sales agents. This system ensures that each order is recorded securely and immutably, facilitating order management and reducing the risk of errors or fraud. Gulliver’s solution improves operational efficiency and increases trust between sales agents and their customers.


23 Rebus Investments SA – GREEN Membership

System for Creating Financial Products with Cryptocurrencies

Rebus is working on creating a system to develop financial products based on cryptocurrencies. Using blockchain, Rebus offers a secure and transparent platform for creating and managing innovative financial products, such as cryptocurrency investment funds or hedging instruments. This system opens up new opportunities for investors and diversifies investment options in the financial sector.


24 MyCredit Service srl. – GREEN Membership

System for the Certification of Factoring of Unpaid Invoices

MyCredit Service is working on a system for certifying the factoring of unpaid invoices. Using blockchain, the system aims to simplify and make the factoring process more transparent, enabling companies to manage trade receivables more efficiently. The system records every step of the factoring process, from the transfer of the unpaid invoice to its eventual settlement, thus ensuring that all transactions are traceable, secure and compliant. This solution will offer companies greater security in factoring transactions, reducing the risk of fraud and improving corporate liquidity.


25 Noder – GREEN Membership

App for Certification of Development Activity on GitHub and GitLab.

Noder is developing an innovative app to certify and track software development activity on platforms such as GitHub and GitLab. This app, based on blockchain technology, is designed to securely and transparently record and authenticate developer contributions, commits, code changes, and collaboration activities. Noder’s app aims to provide a reliable solution for verifying development activities, which can be particularly useful in contexts where intellectual property, change history and authenticity of contributions are of critical importance. For example, in shared software development projects, cross-team collaborations, or in the context of reviewing and evaluating developers’ skills.


26 Corvallis – GREEN Membership

App for Secure Document Storage and Ransomware Protection

Corvallis is developing an advanced app for securely storing documents on a WORM (Write Once Read Many) device, integrating blockchain technology to offer advanced protection against ransomware. This app allows users to store important documents in a format that can be written once and read multiple times, thus preventing unauthorized changes or deletions-a crucial feature in defending against ransomware attacks. In addition, integration with blockchain provides an extra layer of security through immutability and traceability of stored data. This solution is particularly beneficial for companies and organizations that manage sensitive data and seek to protect against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.


27 AreaSeb SRL – GREEN Membership

Tokens for the Unconnected Business Community

AreaSeb is developing a token that allows a group of unconnected companies to use it as a currency within their community. This blockchain token facilitates transactions and exchanges of value within the network of companies, enabling a smoother and more integrated internal economy. The token can be used for purchases, services, or as an incentive for collaboration between companies. The adoption of a blockchain-based community currency not only improves transaction efficiency but also encourages greater collaboration and interaction between companies that would otherwise operate independently.


28 MAS srl. – Green Membership – Textiles and Fashion

System for the Traceability and Sustainability of Textiles

MAS srl. is developing a system to improve traceability and sustainability in the textile and fashion industry. Using Digital Product Passports (PDDs), the company aims to certify the origin of materials used and monitor the life cycle of garments. This system records details such as the origin of fibers, production processes, and recycling methods, ensuring transparency and compliance with EU regulations. The solution will enable consumers to verify the ecological credentials of the products they purchase, promoting more responsible and sustainable consumption


29 PFM SPA – Green Membership – Packchain: Packaging Waste

Platform for Sustainable Packaging Management.

PFM SPA is working on a platform called Packchain, dedicated to the sustainable management of packaging waste. By integrating PDDs, the system will track the entire life cycle of packaging, from the origin of materials to final recycling. Each package will have a digital passport that details the materials used, reuse possibilities and disposal methods. This initiative aims to reduce the environmental impact of packaging and promote more efficient and sustainable waste management practices.


30 HLV srl. – Green Membership – Canola Oil Cogeneration

Certification System for Sustainable Cogeneration

HLV srl. is implementing a certification system for energy cogeneration using rapeseed oil. Using PDD technology, the system documents the entire energy production process, from rapeseed cultivation to energy generation and distribution. The digital passport ensures traceability of raw materials and compliance with sustainability standards, providing a transparent and secure solution for the energy sector. This system will promote the use of renewable energy and the reduction of carbon emissions.


31 Tradenet services ltd – Green Membership -.

NFT Trading Card Game

Tradenet services ltd is developing a collectible card game of rare animals based on NFT, integrating the principles of scarcity through blockchain. Each NFT card will have a digital certificate certifying its origin and rarity as well as its value. This system will ensure transparency and traceability of transactions, offering players a secure and transparent platform to collect and trade cards. The project aims to raise players’ awareness of sustainable practices and promote a responsible gaming ecosystem.


32 Chain4Energy – GREEN Membership

Signature Contract System for P2P Car Charging.

Chain4Energy is developing a blockchain-based system for signing and managing peer-to-peer (P2P) car charging contracts. This system allows users to digitally and securely sign contracts for sharing electric vehicle charging stations, simplifying the process and ensuring transparency and immutability of contract terms.