Introduction to Self Sovereign Identity

Introduction to Self Sovereign Identity

What is a digital identity? This is an increasingly topical question, in a world that is becoming more and more digitized every day, passing its services from the physical world to the computerized one. From a technical point of view, a digital identity consists of a set of information catalogued within a computer system and managed by a centralized entity that owns that computer system.

The Self Sovereign Identity  is a model of digital identity that gives back to the user who creates it , the full control of his identity and of the information to be shared. 

The possibilities given by SSI are many, and its market is set to grow exponentially over the next four years.

 Moving beyond the simple definition of a digital identity, the latter is now part of all of us. A digital identity is how we all identify ourselves within our online interactions, which now make up a large portion of our daily interactions.

 Self Sovereign Identity is therefore a new model of digital identity management that is much more individual-centric. 

There are mainly three digital identity models that have existed to date:

  • Centralized Model
  • Federated Model
  • Self-Sovereign Identity Model

Self Sovereign Identity model

A new and completely revolutionary one of digital identity management is represented by the Self Sovereign Identity paradigm. The concept of SSI is completely user-centric: the user is the sole and independent owner of his digital identity and of all the data associated with it. 

The Self Sovereign Identity is a model that differs from the previous ones and aims to ensure that the user remains the sole owner of his data (from the term Self-Sovereign), thanks to the use of protocols such as Blockchain. Essential features of a blockchain, such as immutability and resilience (no down time), the Self-Sovereign Identity model boasts greater security to all actors involved. has created a protocol and the SDK called CommercioID for the management of the SSI and in the next future will release the API on Commercio.APP

 The developer documentation is available at