5 things Commercio.network’s blockchain allows you to do and 8 big problems you can solve immediately 

5 things Commercio.network’s blockchain allows you to do and 8 big problems you can solve immediately 

Commercio.network is a Blockchain, open to 250 million companies , which helps to create electronic identities with the Self sovereign Identity paradigm and exchange data and documents using this Electronic Identity.  In the long run, the network will be composed only of “trusted” companies and this can help to form the basis for creating a system of trust between companies, such as to allow the development of new applications never thought before.

Commercio.network has been designed to allow companies to:

  1. Exchange data and documents through a system that certifies both the identity (DID) of the parties involved and the transaction (SHAREDOC)
  2. Guarantee the integrity of the document and therefore its immutability thanks to the fingerprint that each document possesses (HASH)
  3. Create a secure, non-traceable connection between two companies. (PAIRWISE)
    Sign documents via Blockchain to certify the origin. (SIGN)
  4. Time stamp the transaction of documents on the Blockchain for possible future verification by a third party. (SHAREDOC)

The use cases that these functions enable are countless, here are a few examples:

Digital Identity Management

Use digital identity services to meet regulatory requirements, prevent fraud and improve the overall customer experience

Loyalty card management

Enable customers to earn and redeem loyalty points both internal and external to the organization’s Loyalty ecosystem

Employee Documentation

Bypass delays associated with employee document transfers

Reporting and Regulatory Compliance

Store financial information to eliminate errors associated with manual review activities, reduce reporting costs, and support broader regulatory activities

Trade Finance Management

Simplify and shorten the trade finance process, drive efficiency gains and open up new financing product opportunities

Insurance Underwriting Management

Verify identities, ensure applications are complete, assess risk, and complete quotation and binding

Customer Onboarding

Improve the customer Onboarding experience by leveraging digital identities on Blockchain

Transaction Clearing

Decentralized settlement of transactions through a multi-signature escrow entity enabling faster settlement