The first version of the Commercio App “Amadeo” is finally here

The first version of the Commercio App “Amadeo” is finally here

After more than a year of development activity, we are proud to present to you the Commerce app: Amadeo.

The App name was inspired by Amadeo Giannini, a historical figure in the economics field and founder of Bank of America.  The App is written in Flutter and can be distributed simultaneously on both the IOS and Android platforms. Amadeo is not an application intended for the average user, but it’s specifically for blockchain developers.

This App allows any Dart developer to create wallets, identities, invitations, document shares, electronic Token signatures, and membership.

The source code of this open-source App is available on Commercio Community to allow anyone to create blockchain solutions based on saving 90% of development time. 

Inside the App, it is possible to recall with a simple line of code the components (widgets) available on another new open Source Library called CommercioUI.  Thanks to Amadeo, every developer in the world can build their Blockchain solution branded with their name.

The App has adopted the MIT open source license.