What is Digital Transformation and why it is essential to have a blockchain  like Commercio.network  to implement it.

What is Digital Transformation and why it is essential to have a blockchain  like Commercio.network  to implement it.
What is Digital Transformation and why it is essential to have a blockchain  like Commercio.network  to implement it.

What is digital transformation?

In 2014, the EU issued the eIDAS directives by regulating Trust Services to create electronic identities, sign and send electronic documents with legal value. This has made it possible to dematerialize all business processes in digital form. According to an EU estimate, digital transformation is expected to increase gross domestic product by 2.2 trillion euros over the next 10 years.


Why is it essential to be a blockchain ?

The blockchain is the technology made famous by Bitcoin and Ethereum. It’s a network that allows you to exchange something that has value and must remain original to keep it. You can exchange copies of images on the internet, but you can’t transfer originals. If it were possible we could all send each other pictures of money via whatsapp and not exchange banknotes. The blockchain solves the problem of exchanging value by exchanging originals. That’s why the founders of Commerc.io thought of using it to exchange documents with legal value.

The Digital Transformation  blockchain Commercio.network is an open-source PROJECT that gives companies the ability to sign and exchange documents using blockchain technology to guarantee: 

  • Paternity: The document was created by the declared sender. 
  • Non-repudiation: The sender cannot deny having  signed the document 
  • Integrity: The document has not been altered during transport. 

There are two main groups of business documents: 

  • Structured: Mostly XML (Invoices, orders, order confirmations, etc). 
  • Unstructured: Mostly PDF (Contracts, forms, letters, etc). 

The network is organized through an international network  of 100 independent companies. Any company, especially yours, is welcome to join the consortium and take advantage of this next-generation technology. 


The Commercio.network is called The Documents blockchain™ because it focuses on solving one core business problem: legally exchanging and signing business documents


Our mission is to spread blockchain technology to worldwide companies with a bold Go to market  plan:


  • 100 Node validators companies to onboard.
  • 1000  distributors companies to onboard.
  • 10.000 IT companies to onboard… 
  • 100.000 end customers companies on the blockchain. 


We want to provide every IT Company in the world a simple, fast, profitable way to create value for them and their end customers with:

  • the vision 
  • the skills 
  • the core technology 
  • the network of validators 
  • the developer tools 

We have removed the underlying complexity of implementing a blockchain project by defining a three layer approach. 

  • APPLICATION LAYER: where IT companies build apps for solving users’ problems. 
  • NETWORKING LAYER: where the companies run the blockchain network nodes. 
  • PROTOCOL LAYER: where the basic 8 Core Functions are implemented on the node. 


The 8 Core Functions Our blockchain core Node software has a group of “Smart Contracts” focused on the world of the document: 

  1. CommercioWallet (Done) : Enable users account and access 
  2.  CommercioID (Done): Enable users self sovereign identity 
  3. CommercioDocs (Done): Enable users to exchange business documents 
  4.  CommercioSign (Done): Enable users to sign business documents 
  5.  CommercioMint (Done): Enable users to create blockchain Tokens 
  6.  CommercioKYC (Next) : Enable TSPs to issue verifiable credentials  
  7. CommercioDex (Next) : Enable users to exchange blockchain Tokens 
  8. CommercioPay (Next) : Enable users to get SEPA payments