(Milan 28 June ), equity crowdfunding and debt platform, is the first among the platforms authorized by Consob to use blockchain technology to manage all internal document processes, thanks to its presence, as a validator node, on the blockchain.

With equity crowdfunding Startups and SMEs can collect risk capital to finance the birth or the development of their business project.  Italy has been among the first countries to regulate this kind of investment creating a real ecosystem and an official registry by Consob. In recent years the sector has evolved in terms of the number of platforms and capital raised, as well as the number of transactions managed, but from a technological point of view few steps have been taken.

The desire to use blockchain technology in 2meet2biz stems from a precise need: to apply the potential of a blockchain to the processes that normally characterize equity crowdfunding campaigns and that, by type, are essentially replicable and procedurizable for all bidding companies.

That’s why 2meet2biz, developed and managed by Migliora Srl, has embarked on an absolutely innovative path: to ensure to its corporate clients, as well as to all investors who join the campaigns, transparency, security and immutability of all processes related to the collection of capital, from the receipt of the initial documentation until the conclusion of the campaign, this thanks to a blockchain technology compliant, moreover, to the eIDAS directives.

For the same reason – to integrate with third party technologies with the aim of improving efficiency and security in economic and financial transactions – 2meet2biz has chosen to use an open banking software system, fully integrated into 2meet2biz, which through APIs securely guarantees financial flows, automating all phases of bank reconciliations and transactions. is now part of, a blockchain that since 2018 has enabled all companies around the world to manage the three indispensable fiduciary processes of digital transformation: Creating a digital identity with eID, signing a document with eSignature and certifying the exchange of documents with eDelivery. Thanks to this the customer experience of the platform is ZERO PAPER and the processes from onboarding to eKYC (electronic know your customer) are totally digital. has become the 45th of the 100 validator nodes of joining the most important European players already present, such as Namirial, Infocert, VAR Group Zucchetti. Being a Validator Node means to participate in the most innovative, sustainable and advanced European project in the Blockchain field, also proposed as a technology for the EBSI call for proposals financed through PCP by the European Commission.

This step from one side is part of a very precise strategy, that is to integrate 2meet2biz with


Commerce Network

third party technologies that allow it to progressively improve the customer experience of all its customers, and on the other hand it is the first step of a wider project to exploit all the potentialities

that this business model intends to offer, from a procedural point of view and not only, ensuring a degree of transparency never seen in its sector in full compliance with EU MICA directives.

2meet2biz intends to guide the processes of crowd campaigns through the digital transformation, with the development and use of SAAS technologies able to make even the investment process innovative, both for principals and investors, maximizing the value chain of the campaigns presented, from their origin to the access to the target market. A new international strategic approach, with a path that will soon be applicable to all investors, involving partners with platforms that comply with the standards required by the European regulatory bodies.

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