250 FREE blockchain membership APIs for participants in the blockchain hackathon organized by Var-Group

250 FREE blockchain membership APIs for participants in the blockchain hackathon organized by Var-Group

Var group has organized, as part of the Convention Var Group in Riccione, from 19 to 21 a hackaton on the theme Blockchain www.vargroup.it/hackathon


In 2018, Var Group entered the capital of commercio.network, one of the most innovative European blockchains. In fact, commercio.network is focused not on cryptocurrencies but rather on three crucial topics of digital transformation for companies:

  • E-identity. Identity management respecting privacy
  • E-signature The management of advanced electronic signatures
  • E-delivery Certified delivery of documents and proof of their existence

Var group, through its BlockIT company, became one of 100 independent validator nodes on July 4, 2020. The commercio.network blockchain  instead of using electricity to validate its network,  uses a new consensus algorithm called POS. This consensus mechanism consumes in a year what Bitcoin consumes in a minute, making it the most sustainable blockchain in the world and consequently the cheapest in the world as each transaction costs only a euro cent plus VAT

From July 4, 2021 Commerc.io srl offers the opportunity to all independent developers to use its commerce.app platform to create applications. commerce.app allows to solve the problem of wallet security through a fully-hosted platform based on HSM devices and programmable via API.

For developers participating in Var Group’s hackathon, commercio.io has provided two free online seminars consisting of 10 one-minute videos that explain respectively:

How to do business with blockchain :(in italian only)  in which it is finally explained the substantial difference between blockchain and Internet and 36 use cases of applications to be developed related to 36 big problems that can be solved only through the blockchain of Commerce network. The video is available at the link https://commerc.io/farebusiness   Using the invitation code: VarGroup

How to make apps with blockchain:  (in italian only)  a seminar explaining how to use the Commerce.app , a managed wallet platform that provides a set of APIs to develop any application on Commerce.network. This platform allows developers to save 99% of time and cost to create any application after a few minutes and not months. The video explains how to access the 250 bronze memberships in the test-net version made available for free to the participants of the Var Group hackaton. The video is available at the link https://commerc.io/fareapp