The value of Blockchain for a company

The value of Blockchain for a company

Not all Blockchain projects need to be disruptive of the status quo to generate value.  The obvious benefits of reducing transaction complexity and costs, as well as improving transparency and controls, can be reaped by any company in the world. Creating a system that allows companies to exchange traditional business documents through Blockchain can generate enough value to drive mass adoption at multiple levels. Economic incentives to capture value opportunities are driving companies to leverage the Blockchain rather than be overtaken by others using it.

Therefore, the business model that is most likely to succeed in the short term is the federated model.

A Public Blockchain, like Bitcoin, has no central authority and represents a path to total monetary disintermediation.

Ethereum, on the other hand, with its ability to be programmable, is a perfect fit for those who use it for any purpose, but at this time it lacks the scalability to handle the current needs of businesses.

A federated Blockchain such as was created with the express purpose of helping companies leverage the Blockchain quickly and easily, it is hosted on computer networks of certified operators (TSPs) that offer:

  • a controlled access of all participants through KYC
  • a level of service compatible with Enterprise standards
  • predictable transaction costs (€0.01)
  • scalability up to 15,000 transactions per second
  • a very high level of privacy by design.