INAZ, with its subsidiary DDocuments, offers a new Blockchain service

INAZ, with its subsidiary DDocuments, offers a new Blockchain service

Milan, 17 February. INAZ is moving another step on the ground of innovation and expands the portfolio of IT-HR solutions with the Blockchain.

From today, in fact, the Validator Node of DDocuments, digital transformation company controlled by INAZ, is active on the Blockchain of

“We are excited to be part of It is the first time we are actively participating as validators in a decentralised network like Blockchain. It is a technology in which we believe and which, we are sure, will bring benefits to the entire Italian production apparatus,” explains Diego Dal Ben, president of DDocuments.

“The partnership with will allow us to advance the Italian technological leadership in the Self Sovereign Identity space in Europe” comments Valerio Busnach, Business Relationship manager of INAZ.

The blockchain project of was conceived in January 2018, saw the light with the launch of the network on 4 July 2020 and today, with its nodes, among the largest European Blockchain oriented to the corporate sector.

“Having on board an innovative company like DDocuments, which is part of one of the most important IT groups in Europe like INAZ, increases the resilience of our Blockchain. As a network we are ready to face new challenges and seize the opportunities that the market presents us” says Enrico Talin, co-founder of

Inaz Srl is one of the most important Italian companies in the production of software and services for the administration and management of human resources. Founded in 1948, it is a family-run business, today led by Linda Gilli, Cavaliere del Lavoro. With a sales network throughout Italy, Inaz offers innovative digital solutions to thousands of customers, including companies, public administration, professional firms, employment consultants and trade associations. Inaz, with its Study Centre and the Osservatorio Imprese Lavoro, is also a point of reference for companies and professionals in terms of updating, consultancy and training. Its headquarters are in Viale Monza 268 in Milan.

DDocuments srl is a specialised company that has been operating for over thirty years in the dynamic international panorama of document digitisation. The expression of this know-how is DDocuments, the extremely high-performance proprietary platform of the same name, which provides high added-value services in digital document management: standard digital storage, document transmission, PEC, digital signatures, electronic invoicing to B2B and PA, graphometric signatures to completely dematerialise digital processes such as the issue of delivery notes, contracts, approval cycles, etc. For further information spa is the company that has conceived, realised and is further developing the blockchain Commercio.Network. It is an open-source project that gives companies the possibility to sign and exchange documents using blockchain technology. It enables its member companies to create digital identities, electronically sign and exchange digital business documents with a guarantee of authorship (i.e. that the document was created by the stated sender), validity (i.e. that the sender cannot disavow having electronically signed the document) and integrity (i.e. that the document has not been altered in transit/exchange). The Commercio.Network blockchain provides a simple, fast and profitable way to create value for them and their end customers.