welcomes two new Validator Nodes welcomes two new Validator Nodes

We welcome two new validator nodes :

 DDocuments srl (Inaz Group)
Pfm spa ( PFM Group)

The blockchain project of was conceived in January 2018, saw the light with the launch of the network on July 4, 2020 and today, with 44 nodes, represents a significant growth phase in the development of

This achievement is a testament to the great work of our entire team of developers, partners, consultants, and of course the community that has supported us on our journey so far.

Commerce Network is a blockchain open to 250 million companies worldwide, designed to allow anyone to create a sovereign identity to exchange and sign documents.

Davide Coletto, co-founder and CTO of Srl, said, “We will help these two new companies in our network develop innovative solutions that can seize the opportunities that digital transformation offers.”