The 4 benefits of exchanging digital documents via the blockchain

The 4 benefits of exchanging digital documents via the blockchain

Companies, customers and suppliers need a shared view of the real supply chain situation on the blockchain, enabling them to solve communication problems while avoiding costly bottlenecks.

Blockchain with its crypto-economic incentives can become the exchange network to make commerce. network companies interact with each other easily, cheaply and securely.

The key to successful global collaboration between companies is based on trust. Trust on the blockchain is achieved by the transparent processes that enable the certified exchange of a document to be facilitated, controlled, or enforced, making any further verification unnecessary. The exchange of a document based on the blockchain is performed through an electronic signature system that can be verified by all users (shareDoc).
Blockchain creates a decentralized system of trust bringing the following benefits:

Transparency and collaboration: on, documentation is tamper-proof. Our blockchain certifies the product’s journey throughout the supply chain and shares it with stakeholders. The system works without a central data repository or a single administrator as it is decentralized.

Scalability and Availability: solves scalability issues for write transactions. All people in the world can access the distributed and redundant datasets stored via the Internet as they are distributed.

Security and Privacy: a node does not reveal the identity of the person or organization and the commercial document is signed by an electronic signature with private and public cryptographic keys that cannot be altered as they are immutable., has created a “trusted” network where businesses can exchange business documents securely through the blockchain. The sum of each individual document pass creates greater value, because through a transparent process of co-certification it validates the certifiable processes of all parties involved